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HCI Residential Care and Wellness Centre is the new initiative of the Health Careers Group. Health Careers International (HCI), Australia. Having started its operations in the year 2002, the centre’s commitment towards clients and quality service rendered had been the top-most priority. This commitment to excellence further paved way to commence diversified businesses in overseas consultancy (MWT Education Consultancy), higher education (Health Careers Institute) and technology (MWT Technologies).

HCI is committed to serve the society and ensure an elevated quality of life for the senior community through world-class aged-care facilities. As such, understanding the type of care needed for citizens who are in the sunset years of their lives is quite stressful for the immediate family. So is searching for the right care home. A thorough study of all these facts have helped us initiate Residential Care & Wellness Centre. We provide International quality Nursing care for individuals with specific requirements. Our Nursing care team members are rightly qualified with the required expertise in resident care and in administering appropriate, bespoke nursing services.

I. Qualified & Skilled Staff

Home Nurse Services The team of nurses at HCI care for their patients’ physical and mental well-being, performing basic procedures, monitoring, and even offering a shoulder to cry on when things get tough. Registered nurses manage the daily schedule of the patients. The major responsibilities of our nurses are as follows but not limited to only this.
  • Observing and recording patient behaviour
  • Performing physical exams and diagnostic tests
  • Counselling patients and their families
  • Educating patients about treatment plans
  • Administering medications, wound care, and other treatment options
  • Checking with nurse supervisors and physicians to ascertain best treatment plans

II. Skilled in Communication

Residential Care Services Effective communication entails an understanding of the patient and the concerns they express. It requires expertise and skills and the sincere intention of the nurse to comprehend what concerns the patient. They are provided adequate training on various aspects and applications of communication in various fields of nursing. The emphasis is placed on the importance of communication between nurse and patient and our nursing services focus on the communication skills of nurses

III. Australian Training

HCI Residential Care and Wellness Centre As the ageing population grows it creates a greater need for additional aged care services. Our registered nurses are trained well to fulfil the critical functions of aged care. They act as caregivers for seniors and elderly individuals in your community or in registered home care facilities. These are inclusive of learning how to work effectively with them and participating in creating an empowering environment. Our additional focus will be on how to empower older people, give support to dementia patients, and meet personal support needs. Our training ensures that the nurses learn more general skills to work and communicate effectively in the community sector and follow safety procedures

IV. First Aid & Emergency

Nursing Care First aid is an important component of medical care. Nurses are most often the first to deal with patients who need emergency care, and hence it is important for them to keep themselves updated with latest techniques and best practices in emergency care. Our well-trained nurses who manage first aid have adequate knowledge and expertise to ensure that the right methods of administering medical assistance are provided. All our healthcare staff are trained in American Heart Association’s Basic Life Support programme. We ensure that our staff are adequately trained to manage the cardiovascular emergencies in any given situation. Apart from that they are also trained in our skill lab to manage majority of the emergencies like fracture, sprains, strains, burns, management of bleeding, cut/lacerated wound, transfer of sick and injured and so on.

V. World-wide Experience

HCI Residential Care and Wellness Centre Our qualified nurses have national and international experience and offer their talents and expertise for the benefit of the patients. We guarantee that our nursing services can be benchmarked with international standards. In order to bring quality standards, we challenge our-selves for care delivery. These nurses choose to work in general healthcare and are associated with a specialty and are given the choice to work in a medical environment that suits their personality and goals. Our well experienced nurses play a more important role than just providing care, they help shape policy about how care should be given

VI. Nursing process

Home Nurse Services At HCI, the execution of nursing care is always based on assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of the nursing process.


A nurse uses a systematic and dynamic method to gather information and make her own analysis of the patient. This is the first step towards delivering nursing care. This assessment comprises not only physiological data, but psychological, spiritual, sociocultural, economic, and life-style factors too.


The nurse sets measurable and achievable short- and long-range goals that are based on the assessment and diagnosis. Data related to assessment, diagnosis, and goals are detailed in the patient’s care plan so that nurses as well as other health professionals caring for the patient have access to it.


Implementation of nursing care strictly adheres to the care plan, so continuation of care for the patient is assured.


The patient’s status and the effectiveness of the nursing care is kept under continuous evaluation, and the care plan is modified as required.

VII. Patient Care Portal

Home Nursing Services Patients use various types of mobile health technologies like mobile health apps, mobile-enabled patient portals to access medical care and monitor their health. Mobile-enabled patient portals make it easy for providers, staff and patients to connect with each other. They facilitate patients to check their test results, review their medical record, refill prescriptions, view education materials and even check in for appointments—all from their mobile devices. The importance of nursing services highly depends on the continuity of care. To ensure the continuity of care we seek the help of software. HCI has developed an exclusive software to manage all clients who are connected to it. It helps the nurses to prioritize the nursing services and acts as a legal documentation. The beauty of the software also gives an opportunity for the relatives to know the up-to-date progress of the patient with special username and password.

VIII. Assured Confidentiality

Home Healthcare Services The major part of quality and standard is assurance of confidentiality. HCI assures confidentiality for all client details either in written/verbal or in any electronic format. Utmost emphasis will be given for ensuring the privacy of the client whenever indicated. HCI creates a trustful environment by respecting patient privacy and encourages the patient to seek care and to be as honest as possible during the health care visit. It may also increase the patient’s willingness to seek medical attention. HCI assures that private information will not be disclosed to family or employers without their consent.

IX. 24-hrs. Support

Customer satisfaction is a vital part in the service sector. At every stage in your life you may face health problems that cause you inconvenience or you may have a query to ask and may not be sure where else to call. That is exactly the reason why HCI has launched the 24/7 online support that is available 365 days a year and lets you talk to an expert on everything regarding your health. Get easy access to a dedicated supporting staff ready, willing, and able to answer any questions you may have, day or night via mobile, email or live chat. All the enquiries will be addressed within 24 hours.

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